Raw Organic Honey from Greece

Raw Organic Honey from Greece

Greek Raw Thyme Honey is one of the highest rated in the world. Organic Thyme Honey from Cyclades and the Dodecanese is by far the best! Greece’s Aegean islands are full of thyme which gives the bees an opportunity we don’t see in other areas of Greece where thyme as well as plenty of other types of herbs and flowers are available to bees. In short, the thyme honey produced in the Dodecanese is much more intense in both aroma and flavor than thyme honey produced in Greece’s main land. The honey we select to sell at Flavorteaze is raw, organic, authentic and extremely high in nutritional value.

Greeks embraced the nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic attributes of honey during the ancient times. It is said that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine who was a native of the island of Kos, used honey to treat his patients; honey was used as an antiseptic, and booster of the immune system among other things.Today, in times when scientific evidence is dominating, the high nutritional value of honey confirms the beliefs of our ancestors, and provides a healthy alternative to enhance our immune system, reduce allergies, cure sore throat and colds, and sweeten our lives without unnecessary preservatives and artificial flavors. Greek honey is very rich in potassium, vitamins and minerals making it an excellent choice to enhance our diet. One of the most powerful snacks we have found to be very effective in curing cravings is plain yogurt with greek honey and walnuts, it is truly power food with a million benefits!

Greece's unique dry climate of the Aegean islands offers the ultimate conditions for the production of superior quality raw Greek thyme honey as well as other types, but primarily thyme as it is so plentiful in the dry rocky areas of Cyclades and the Dodecanese.

As you browse our finest selections of organic honey you can be assured that any choice you make will please you as we spend time selecting only the very best. If you love honey but prefer a less sweet flavor without compromising the aroma try our Eulogia sage honey from Kozani. If you absolutely prefer something even closer to nature try our superior honey Vasilissa by Staya Farm which contains honeycomb and is harvested in Central Greece in the area of Evia. 

Greeks have a great passion in curating and harvesting the finest premium quality honey and now you can try them and experience the best!

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