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Do you like authentic Greek flavors, and enjoy traditional Greek recipes? If your answer is yes, then you are in good hands. Welcome to our online gourmet shop inspired by pure flavors and simplicity. If you have been searching for the highest quality and most widely recognized authentic Greek products, then you are in luck! You have discovered FlavorTeaze, where authentic Greek foods are finally within your grasp.  

We offer an eclectic selection of the highest quality extra virgin olive oils, Greek specialty honey, Greek meze, Feta, Kasseri, Manouri, Halloumi as well as award winning wines from Greece and Spain.  Among our best specialties are our Greek cookies and desserts from the traditional spoon sweets of Costa Navarino to our freshly baked, always on demand, Kourabiethes - Almond Butter Cookies, Baklava and Koulourakia - Vanilla Butter Cookies.   

Baklava is a FlavorTeaze exclusive! Baklava is a sweet delicacy known as the most popular of the Greek desserts. Between its multiple layers of phyllo are crushed walnuts and a sweet honey that has been steeped with cinnamon and cloves.

Another FlavorTeaze exclusive is our freshly baked Koulourakia - Vanilla Butter Cookies. These delicious vanilla butter cookies are an ideal companion to your freshly brewed coffee or tea. Handmade and freshly baked, Koulourakia are an excellent choice if you are not a fan of too much sweetness but still enjoy traditional flavor cookies. 

Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan calls our Kourabiethes (almond butter cookies) decadent, delicious and sublime! From their divine aroma to their rich buttery flavor they are indeed our claim to fame! If you did not try anything else Greek, you HAVE to give those beauties a try.

Best of all you can not only enjoy our Greek foods at home but also offer them as a gift. We offer quality gift boxes and baskets through our free gift concierge program. We pack every gift order with much love and care for you as well as the recipient. All of our specialty Greek desserts come gift wrapped, always! Great flavors and great presentation make our Greek delicacies a unique and eclectic gift that shows you care.

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